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The shadow of a Star  #part 1  Zaha Museum  2014

For The Shadow of a Star, Elodie Dornand decides to propose a direct dialogue with the space, based on the artist sky and beyond researches and obsessions. Through three observatory stations and other hidden installations, visitors will meet what is out there, in its most natural state, that is to say unaffected and barely explored by human. Metaphorically and physically, visitors will embark on a total experience that will lead him to a singular universe, a universe, certainly disturbing and familiarly strange.


The story begins with a meteorite that crashed into the gallery. She ran aground on one of the observation stations. At first sight, it is bright, but very slowly the light flickers, decreases, by approaching it we can even hear its last moments of life, its last flicker.


This work situated between lights and shadows, a sculptural dimension by the observatory stations, and a surreal dimension. Oscillating between the familiar and the imaginary, the artist combines ready-made and forgotten crafts in sophisticated installations that provoke, amuse and surprise the spectator. Through simple tools and a complex staging yet mastered, the exhibition wants to offer the viewer an understanding of what surrounds him. This research will play investing the microscopic into the macroscopic and vice versa. Elodie Dornand will challenge the universe to reduce it until it fits the exhibition space.



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