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A course of Evanescence  Paper graffiti - Kashima 2013, Beppu Project    

In the landscape of Beppu city emerged artworks created with the imagination of visual artists coming from the artistic hubs of France and South-Korea. The visual artists created large-scale paper graffiti and stickers that they pasted on buildings' walls and window in Beppu city. Each artwork was delivering an intense and poetic image with a subtle delicateness.This artistic project took inspiration from the environment that welcomes it, in the city of Beppu.These drawings were a direct reference to the city and its inhabitants, which allow the visitor to take drawing for himself and to imagine his own daydream.


Street art should talk to anyone... Drawing on the walls is a way to feeling both connected to the world and to escape from it. Choosing paper graffiti reveals also the fragile existence of an artwork in the urban environment, with time passing...the artwork disappears... A way to refer to Japanese aesthetism and its idea of constant passing or changing movement.

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