Instant Mirror Samtoh Gallery ///2009

“Instant-Mirror”. Whereas our traditional societies focused on time and space, everything in our post-modern societies revolves around the two questions of time and images. The space dimension has been downgraded by the ubiquity now possible thanks to the new digital devices. Images especially reign all over the world, always in transit between a cable, a satellite, a cell-phone, a TV set, a computer screen, a Facebook application, etc. Image is the new dimension which replaced space. In this flatter but globalised world, where am I? I am here and anywhere. I am properly lost. Analogical mirrors have always been used to confirm self-images. They were a way to check one’s identity and presence. What about the new mirrors in the form of the thousands of cameras and screens we live with? What am I in these new mirrors? I have been told that I can manage more my image (and images in general) in our new digital era. But isn’t it that, in our quest for faster lives, I am being more controlled by images than controlling them? Isn’t a site like MySpace an ironic statement about the fact that, in the digital blogosphere, I have lost my relationship with space, replaced by narcissist images? Elodie Oh-Dornand takes over this questioning through her art installations and drawings: Instant-mirror. She brings in this exhibition the question of the ‘mirrors’ in the age of narcissist instantaneity… Rather than providing answers and simple critics, she asks the visitors to participate and ask themselves the questions about our ambiguous relationship with (self) images. Mirrors of the instant: things which pass and go away, like our transitory, temporary, distant and volatile communications. Like our images: too many, saturating, nauseating images of us, of others, of our world.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      B.Joinau