Preparedness Gallery Gahoedong60 /// 2011

"Preparedness“ is a series of drawings on this theme.

Preparedness. A very unique English word. We all understand easily the concept of “preparation“.

But it is something else to prepare something and to be in a state of being prepared.

Preparedness. Why is it that we have to be prepared most of the time for the worst and almost never for the best?

Preparedness. It may be the ultimate dream of the science mythology inherited from the positivist 19th century, that we may control one day the unforeseen to replace it by total previsibility, hence management of the reality. Preparedness is part of that dream, still dreamt despite the daily denial brought by the endless catastrophe of our modern technocratic world.


Preparedness. We all know very well what is going to happen to us, eventually. I was answered today by someone I apologized to for having apparently took his seat in a meeting: “We only own one place for sure in life: our grave“.

A wise, well prepared fellow.