Micro nova-star Upcycle Art Center /// 2015

Micro nova-star

The story begins with a meteorite that crashed into the space. At first sight, it is bright, but very slowly the light flickers, decreases… and eventually the star frees its last gleam.
This work, between lights and shadows, oscillates between the familiar and the imaginary. It combines ready-made and forgotten crafts in sophisticated installations that provoke, amuse and surprise the spectator.
The sky is, still today, an object and source of many fantasies and dreams, beliefs and myths. It is a vast and wonderful thing that remains an unknown source of mystery. Humans have looked up for centuries trying to trace, identify and record to understand its vastness and discover what is out there. Its relative ignorance explains why the universe continues to fascinate. Nevertheless, it is a wonder too often forgotten by grown-ups but continues to be a marvel to children. Micro nova-star is here to recall adults their childhood’s curiosity and the beauty of nature.