Finn Juhl’s Attic - Dealim Museum  ///2012

Once upon a time, there were two gentlemen who had an intense passion that was not shared by others.  The subject of their passion was furniture design.  Over the years, they accumulated furniture, piece by piece, despite the concern of others.  With eyes that sought for perfection in form, they filled warehouses, little by little, with objects found during their journeys around the world.  With patience, their collection became a repertoire of furniture design that can trace the revolution of design into the past.  Thanks to their perseverance to collect, this collection exists, and thanks to their generosity, other people can enjoy this collection. So, it is time to remove the covers and expose all the furniture stockpiled in hidden places only known to the collectors' heart and allow others to revel at the items in the collection.


Concept: an attic space is where objects that are loved but not used are kept and accumulated. A place found in the voids of the roof, it is a place of many memories and sentimental values where you can find hidden treasures. the space at daelim is suggestive of attics, with slanted rooflines defining the space, and the idea of accumulation of loved items is in tune with the sentiments of a collector. This is a parody of the idea of a collector as a solitary and pensive person, and an ironic interpretation of collections, as objects from the past. Imagine a collector with his precious items being stored in an attic, where he goes to be contemplative about his collection, with each piece alive in his memory. He takes the protective cover off of each item, one by one, to appreciate the beauty in the object, and dream with the ghosts that are attached to the furniture.