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OBJECTS OF REFLEXION - EXHIBITION   Culture Station Seoul 284    SeMA NANJI - 2017                      

The consistency of the fragments are not important in this kaleidoscopic world. The thought fragments collected here might be anything from complaints the artist blurted out during her observation, to her long-held thoughts, or considerations of form. The artist collects the diverse fleeting thought fragments, endow form to her collection of thoughts, and expresses the anxiety that exists in the fissures between the fragments. In that sense, Jeu de Réflexion might be the most symbolic work introduced in this exhibition. Consisting of 188 porcelain pieces, this work opens up the door to another thought in the complex structure like a puzzle, through the word Réflexion which signifies both the refraction of light and thinking back. The colorful pieces fit into each other as if it were one body, but there are inevitably cracks and fissures between pieces that have already been separated. Whether the subject of reflection is light or thought, part of it vanishes in the cracks between the puzzle pieces, and the narrative is transformed and re-formed rather than being reflected in whole as if through a mirror.

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